. . . Thursday July 1, 2004

A Day in Court

In a scene that must have been incredibly surreal for most Iraqis, Saddam made his first a appearance in court on Thursday. Saddam complained that “everyone knows this is theater by Bush the criminal in an attempt to win the election.” If he thinks it’s theater now, wait until Geragos shows up.

Let’s just hope Americans can stay as focused on this trial as they have when it comes to Kobe and Mark Peterson.

An amazing exchange from the proceedings:

Saddam: Who formed this court?

Judge: Iraqis formed the court.

Saddam: You are representing the occupying forces?

Judge: No. I am an Iraqi representing Iraqis.


The charges:

- invading Kuwait, 1990

- suppressing Kurdish and Shi’ite uprisings, 1991

- Anfal ethnic cleansing campaign against Kurds, 1987-88

- gassing Kurdish villagers in Halabja, 1988

- killing political activists over 30 years

- killing religious figures, 1974

- killing thousands of the Kurdish Barzani clan, 1983

Concentration is important!