. . . Monday July 26, 2004

Carter Gives W a Talking To

Ever have one of those experiences where your dad, a coach, a professor or someone else who is likely more experienced and more wise than you decides to give you a good talking to?

Jimmy Carter decided to do that to the Bush administration tonight. Maybe it was the little talk that 41 never gave to 43. Whatever the case, the spanking speech reads like a platform for leadership in the next four years.

Below is a excerpt followed by a link to the full speech. It’s worth a read or two:

“In repudiating extremism we need to recommit ourselves to a few common sense principles that should transcend partisan differences. First, we cannot enhance our own security if we place in jeopardy what is most precious to us, namely, the centrality of human rights in our daily lives and in global affairs. Second, we cannot maintain our historic self-confidence as a people if we generate public panic. Third, we cannot do our duty as citizens and patriots if we pursue an agenda that polarizes and divides our country. Next, we cannot be true to ourselves if we mistreat others. And finally, in the world at large we cannot lead if our leaders mislead.”

The Full Carter Address.

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