. . . Tuesday July 20, 2004

Call an Ambulance: The Judge Hit Me With His Gavel

Dick Cheney is releasing statements (which sort of makes up for four years of mismanagement, no?) to differentiate his administration’s healthcare plan with the one being pushed by the Kerry-Edwards team.

Cheney explains: “This problem doesn’t start in the waiting room. It doesn’t start in the operating room. The problem starts in the courtroom.” (One can only assume that is a veiled reference to something the guys on the hunting trip picked up from Scalia.)

“When it comes to the legal crisis in American health care, the Kerry-Edwards ticket is on the side of personal-injury trial lawyers, and the Bush-Cheney ticket is on the side of doctors and patients.”

Wait. Are the doctors and patients usually on the same side in these cases? Cheney added that Edwards “is a trial lawyer who is very experienced at suing doctors.”

But wait? Who was Edwards suing on behalf of? Patients right? And the Bush-Cheney ticket is on the side of patients. So they must be on the side of Edwards?

Concentration is important!