. . . Wednesday July 28, 2004

But Seriously. Why Wouldn’t You Kill?

There have been a few obvious highlights so far at the convention. They’re likely the same ones in the arena and on television: The big speeches. Obama. Clinton. And tonight, there’s every reason Edwards will nail it. And with expectations set where they are, Kerry will do the same.

But do you ever ask yourself: Why wouldn’t they kill?

This after all is the easiest room in America. Everyone is on your side. You’ve had the assistance of the best speech writers out there. It’s like giving a best man wedding toast. Anything beyond the most mundane effort, and you’ll walk out to the same standing O that accompanied your walk in.

I have been a bit surprised that more of the speakers haven’t been better. One would assume that because public speaking is so core to the art of politics, everyone at this level would be pretty good at it (our current President throws a bit of hiccup into that assumption). Yet, so many of the speeches are run of mill cliche readings, poorly delivered.

But why? How could you spend a lifetime in politics and not give good speech? It’s like when you get into a cab and realize that the guy can barely drive. You’re thinking to yourself, “Dude, come on. It’s your job. You drive all day everyday.”

Being at the Fleet Center is like being at a sporting event where only one team shows up (even the Harlem Globetrotters never had it that easy). How the hell can you help but win in that environment?

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