. . . Monday July 12, 2004

Bombs Bursting Off Air

Clear Channel not only controls an inordinate number of radio stations. They also control thousands of billboards across the country. Now they are being accused of breach of contract by a group called Project Billboard.

The group had planned a massive billboard in Times Square with the message: “Democracy Is Best Taught by Example, Not by War.” The ad, timed to coincide with the Republican Convention in NY, includes a graphic representation of a red, white and blue bomb.

Clear Channel insists that they are not playing politics and that the ad was only rejected because of the bomb. They say they have approved and will post a version of the billboard that includes a dove instead of a bomb.

Maybe Project Billboard can come up with another image that is equally strong and rebellious without including any bomb references.

A few ideas of images that could go along with the Democracy Is Best Taught by Example, Not by War tagline.

- A picture of an ill person smoking medical marijuana.

- A Realtime Webcam shot of the convention-goers paying for the favors of escorts.

- A Same-Sex couple saying I Do. And then doing it.

- Howard Stern and the Dixie Chicks reading from the French version of Clinton’s Memoirs.

- A rendering of a family sitting down to a dinner of pasta, garlic bread and rice (in the ultimate act of pro-carb rebellion).

- Cheney and Scalia shooting a dove.

At the risk of appearing to be in bed with the Bush administration, executives at Clear Channel have also agreed to accept the bomb image if the tagline is altered slightly. They came up with the following copy:

War is Best Taught by Example. Vote Bush.

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