. . . Wednesday July 28, 2004

Beyond the Bricks

Of course, it isn’t all about politics. Boston is filled with people who are sort of into the political thing (“I just couldn’t stand four more years of Bush.”) and really into being in the same place where the best parties are being thrown. The party scene is as big a part of the buzz landscape as anything out here. Earlier today I saw a woman literally jump and down after getting an invite to some function being thrown by a member of the British government. The way she was jumping, I thought she may have just won a date with Johnny Depp or three weeks of Kabbalah readings with Madonna.

When it comes to the party scene and getting invites to the best events, there are (even though we’re Democrats) definitely two Americas. I even saw a Hollywood producer having a hard time getting into a party on Beacon Hill.

Last night, after leaving the convention, I tried to check out the GQ party at 15 Beacon (my favorite American hotel). To properly set the stage I should make it clear that in this case (translation: without my wife and therefore cast onto the list of undesirables) I was definitely in the standing outside in the rain America and trying to get into the calling candidates, celebrities and big donors by their first names while wearing next year’s hot ensemble America.

After several minutes, one of the earpieced doormen barked out: “If you don’t all back up, I’m going to change my mind and not let anybody in. I need everyone to move back beyond the bricks.”

Folks, I’m not sure how familiar you are with Boston, but moving back “beyond the bricks” is all but impossible (it certainly involves taking some form of transportation beyond city lines). In fact, it would probably mean going so far that you’d be in a third America.

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