. . . Friday July 23, 2004

Arnold’s Box Office Decline

According to a recent poll in California, Governor Arnold is losing a bit of his impressive sway with the state’s voters slash blockbuster fans. His approval ratings have slipped from a rugged Terminator-like number of 64 percent to a less ripped but still impressive Kindergarten Cop-esque 57.

It could be the prolonged California budget battle (which we only know is officially over when they start debating the next budget). It could be the “girly man” comment which was fairly harmless but had a subtle impact on California voters not unlike the one felt by a recently sobered party animal who has just been told of his exploits during an expecially aggressive binge.

Either way, the numbers are still quite strong (especially when the margin of error is considered) and the trend is certainly nothing that can’t be pumped back up with the right combination of body oil, self-tanning spray, testosterone, blood doping, ‘roids and some decent special effects.

In other words, it’s politics as usual.

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