. . . Wednesday July 7, 2004

Are You Experienced?

As the new dynamic duo of Kerry and Edwards hit the campaign trail, President Bush took a swipe at John Edwards’ lack of experience.

In other news, Jenna Jameson has criticized Paris Hilton for using sexuality to advance her career.

Specifically, Bush answered a question about how Edwards stacks up by explaining that, “Dick Cheney can be president.” I’m pretty sure those were the same terms Bush agreed to during the 2000 campaign, so you’ve got to give him credit for consistency.

The experience question is always an interesting angle. On one hand, most voters view politics and politicians in a negative light and consider them to be more soiled as they spend more time in the field. Yet, the issue of experience in politics regularly comes up in campaigns. Bush who (hilariously) ran as an anti-Washington outsider will now question the experience of Edwards.

And who is acting inexperienced today? Would you advise your ticket’s top guy who also happens to be the incumbent president to go after the other team’s number two man on the first day out of the gate?

Look, Quayle didn’t stop the other Bush from winning. There has never been much evidence that folks vote for the bottom of the ticket. However, they do judge the presidential candidate on the quality of his first major decision. And on that note, Kerry is looking good; very good. More the 70% of those polled think Edwards is a good choice.

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