. . . Friday July 23, 2004

American Electorate, You’ve Been Punk’d

While the report wasn’t perfect and some issues went untouched, there was a general feeling of good will and bipartisanship when the 9-11 Commission unveiled their report on Thursday. There was very little finger pointing or efforts to blame a specific person or party and the tone of the day was all about fixing things as we move forward.

For a second, the American voter may have felt a returning sense of pride when it comes to the way we think about political officials and the way government operates.

But wait. Not so fast.

Just about the time we were witnessing some of the best of what government can offer, a couple hundred House fanatics were reminding us of the ugly side of government as they passed a bill called the Marriage Protection Act .

The act would essentially strip federal courts of their jurisdiction over same-sex marriages (and the power to determine whether states would have to honor them). Think about it folks. An important commission is informing us of all the weaknesses in our homeland security and of the locked-arm effort that will be required for our government to make the fixes needed to thwart this era’s greatest threat at the very moment these House jokers are worried about what word we use to describe people who love each other.

It’s sad, it’s pathetic, and because of the urgency of these times, it’s dangerous.

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