. . . Wednesday July 21, 2004

The 9-11 Blame Game

We must be due for yet another 9-11 report because the political bashing has started already. And of course, the name Clinton will be on the lips (pun intended) of just about every GOP hitman.

Look, I think it’s pretty misguided (not to mention politically stupid) to try to point fingers of blame when it comes to 9-11.

There are other interesting socio-political angles here, though. For example, in the week following 9-11, if someone had told you that Congress would just be coming out with a 9-11 report now, would you have believed it? And would you have believed it if someone had told you that 9-11 would not only fail to decrease the destructive and wasteful partisan rage that soiled DC before the attacks, but in fact it would ultimately be used as a rallying cry for those attacks?

We should have had the conclusions from this report years ago and the much needed changes should have been in full force by now. If you’re wondering why it has taken so long and our progress has been so limited, just listen to the mud and crud you’ll be hearing in the next few days.

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