. . . Thursday June 3, 2004

You’re Still in the Army Now

John Kerry has criticized an order by the Pentagon that will require soldiers to stay in the military (past their obligations) if their units are ordered to Iraq or Afghanistan: “They have effectively used a stop-loss policy as a backdoor draft.”

Kerry has also offered up some clear military policy distinctions between himself and the President. Examples:

- The focus on state sponsorship: “From day one, this administration has been obsessed with threats from other states instead of opening their eyes to the perils of the new century — terrorist organizations with or without ties to rogue nations and failed states.”

- Kerry is against the plans to build a missile defense system: “Not only is it not ready, but it’s the wrong priority for a war on terror where the enemy strikes with a bomb in the back of a truck, or a vial of anthrax in a suitcase.”

- Kerry wants to double the number of Special Forces.

- Modernize the National Guard and focus their efforts on homeland security.

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