. . . Wednesday June 16, 2004

You Are What You Cover

A new documentary called Control Room illustrates the very different ways that the war in Iraq was covered by Al Jazeera as opposed to U.S news sources. Around here, many of those differences have been chalked up to a near-obsessive anti-Americanism. Maybe there is some truth to that, but it’s probably over-simplifying things quite a bit.

In addition to Control Room there are several other documentaries (such as Michael Moore’s) that will show an entirely different set of video clips than the ones we saw, in which Jessica Lynch and Saddam’s oral exam took center stage.

Certainly these documentaries and certain news sources select their offerings to make a political point. But it does bring up questions about why we didn’t see more of the story. If we support war, shouldn’t we also have to witness (at least on videotape) its unpleasantries on occassion.

I’d actually like to see a documentary comparing the U.S. media coverage before, during and after the war.

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