. . . Monday June 7, 2004

When the Idiots Go Too Far

Even though it’s probably not true, I often happily delude myself into believing that a majority of the viewing and reading public take idiots like Tony Blankley and Sean Hannity for what they are: Garbage.

But on occasion these imbeciles just go too far as was the case during a recent dialogue between Hannity and Blankmind wherein off-putting Tony made the following comment about George Soros: “[He is] a Jew who figured out a way to survive the Holocaust.”

I know those who have been trained in debate by years of listening to O’Reilly will want to stop me here to suggest that Blankley was actually being pro-semitic; after all, it is a good thing to survive, no? Others less forgiving might wonder why Tony, given the timing of his remarks, didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to criticize WWII vets who survived Normandy.

Maybe I’m taking this too personally as it happens that my dad is also a Jew who figured out a way to survive the Holocaust. Interestingly, that “way” included a favorite among pseudo-macho, overstuffed, right wing pundits who have never been in so much as a fistfight: He shot bullets at Nazis.

I’ve always been haunted by the relative ease of my own life. The worst I’ve had to contend with is having to survive a media age that included the rise of Fox News.

I’m probably being too emotional here. The truth is that I often enjoy listening to know-nothing, tough talkers like Tony Blankley who has managed to be the only person in history to take a step downward from his days working for Newt Gingrich – I don’t know how else to describe being a columnist for the Moonies. Blankley often has a Reagan-like effect on me. Reagan supposedly made America feel better about itself. Blankley and Hannity make me feel better every time I see them on TV. At least I’m not that much of a pig, I think to myself.

But once in awhile, I really feel like smashing their faces in.

(I hope that last line doesn’t hurt my chances to get hired by a major publication…)

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