. . . Thursday June 10, 2004

What’s Wrong with a Little Faith in Schools

The Bush administration has been consistently pushing religion into everything from our foreign policy to pressing for public funding of religious organizations. There is, in fact, a signicant number of Americans who believe we need more religion in schools, not less.

Thanks to an organization called Narconon, kids have been getting an earful without anyone even being aware it was going on. Narconon is a wing of the Scientology movement that spreads its anti-drug messages to kids in several states. In doing so, they also happen to spread their totally unfounded, cultish theories as if they were facts.

All drugs are actually poisonous. Drugs get stored in fat cells for years and small amounts are released back into the bloodstream, even a decade after they’ve been ingested, during exercise.

Sounds like nonsense, right? Wrong if one of the cornerstones of your religion is a sauna-taking program.

But it doesn’t matter, right? I mean, if organizations are providing services that we generally believe are just and good (getting kids to avoid drugs, helping drunks and druggies clean up their acts, etc), then we shouldn’t mind if a little cultish brainwashing gets thrown into the mix.

If you support public funding of programs run by religious programs (and the general merging of religion and secularism), then you by extension support the idea that the Scientologists should be welcomed and publicly funded as they spout their nonsense to your kids.

Because other people might think of your religious beliefs in the same way you think of Scientology.

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