. . . Thursday June 24, 2004

What is a Half Million Bucks?

Ken Jennings has been my daily companion for the last few weeks. He doesn’t know that. I’m actually far away and not tape delayed as I do my hour climb on an aerobic machine at my gym. Ken Jennings, meanwhile, is taking my mind of my carb-starved agony with an unprecedented run on Jeopardy.

Until recently, one was not allowed to win more than one week of matches. “Five Time Champion” was the most coveted title. But now that’s changed. A champ can remain on the show until someone knocks him off.

Ken Jennings destroys people. And he has won 16 straight matches and pulled in more than 500K in prize money.

During one round of final Jeopardy, early in his reign, one of the other competitors scribbled the answer: “Whatever Ken writes down.”

Part of me hopes he loses soon. My legs are killing me.

Concentration is important!