. . . Tuesday June 29, 2004

Unreal World

Tonight marks the last episode of Real World San Diego. While they will show a court hearing for one of their oft-drunken and disorderly castmembers, the show’s producers opted to never make any mention to charges of a rape that took place in the Real World house (although none of the cast members were implicated in anyway).

This milestone seems like a good enough moment to get an update on the state of the show that in large part launched the reality television revolution.

It sucks. It is more staged than ever. By the end of each season nearly all of the female characters are dressing in bikini bottoms and tube tops (which makes the show quite pedestrian by MTV standards). Real World San Diego was ultimately reduced to little more than a group AA meeting. The castmembers were entirely unlikeable and drunk in almost every episode.

There really was a time when this show was interesting. But it has become an MTV version of itself and the audience and participants are left feeling punk’d.

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