. . . Thursday June 10, 2004

Two Americas, One Veep

There are, candidate John Edwards liked to often remind us, two Americas. It’s looking more and more like Edwards is angling to be the vice president of both of them. Edwards’ top campaign staffers have taken key roles in the Kerry campaign and Edwards has set up an office a few blocks from the White House. Even Senator Kennedy seems to be pushing for Edwards as the top pick. Reports out of Cheney’s office that someone with a southern accent and a great attitude has been parking in the Naval Observatory driveway is another subtle sign.

At this point, it will either be Edwards or someone totally unexpected. Otherwise we’d be hearing stirrings from some of the other top choices.

On an issue of the moment basis, Edwards chances do seem to have been hurt a bit in recent weeks. It has become clear (contrary to what things may have looked like during the primaries) that Iraq will be the major issue of the campaign. Edwards strong suit in the primaries was the economy. But maybe the bottom line is what really matters. The guy is a great campaigner and he’s had several quiet months to work on some of his weakpoints.

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