. . . Friday June 4, 2004

Rum and Joke

Rummy: It’s Their Fault: “I have often wondered as we approach Normandy and D Day, how that might have been reported if we had had 24-hour news, seven days a week and the folks were being killed as they approached the beach. And the gliders were being spewed across the countryside — many missing their landing targets — and our forces were trapped below Point du Hoc and not able to get up. I suppose they would have called Gen. Eisenhower back for congressional hearings.”

When all else fails, the ideological nonsense always makes for a fun-filled speech. This childish hogwash being hurled by Rummy and others has gone from embarrassing, to childish, to just plain sad. I’m never sure if I’m watching the real administration or a parody of Hannity and Colmes produced by The Onion.

Forget the hometown audience for a minute. How about this? Don’t you think it sounds a little disingenuous to the world when Rumsfeld supposedly promotes (with the heaviest of fists) the power of democracy while at the same time whining, almost constantly, about its inconvenient details such as checks and balances, a free and aggressive press, and leaders who are expected to have the guts to take responsibility for their decisions?

Note to the Secretary: The soldiers under your command are fighting, killing and dying for precisely the pillars of democracy that you seem to find so burdensome.

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