. . . Tuesday June 8, 2004

The Rove Take on Reagan

As we enter day three (it seems like week three) of the Reagan eulogy, I’ve been thinking a lot about his career and how it may have been positioned by Karl Rove and the rest of the Bush team if, say, the two had faced each other in a primary. Think about some of the ads and taglines.

Reagan talks about faith and family values, but he is a divorced member of the Hollywood elite.

Reagan says he is tough on evil, but when the terrorists killed our boys in Beirut and Bush would’ve said “bring it on,” Ronald Reagan chose to cut and run.

He was a major spender. And he abandoned ideology for silly facts when he rolled back tax cuts (which means he raised taxes).

Reagan started out as a Democrat. Now he calls himself a Republican. Do you really want another flip flopper in the Oval Office?

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