. . . Monday June 14, 2004

The Return of Marion’s Reality Show

The masses came by the tens to Ward 8 in DC to help Marion Barry kick off his campaign for a council seat. Barry explained: “I thought I had retired from electoral politics. I really had. Then I observed the scene in Ward 8 in particular and the city in general. And I was horrified about what’s happening.”

All the elements were in place. The borrowed Mercedes. The straw hat. The hour of introductory remarks. You may laugh if you live outside of the District. But you don’t want to bet against Marion Barry. Although, with this steady decline in the level of office sought, Barry might close out his career as the treasurer for a local high school.

This campaign is going to look like Rocky VI meets Trainspotting.

But how many politicians can launch a campaign with a line like this:

“These are people that love me and I love them.”

Concentration is important!