. . . Thursday June 10, 2004

Quick Reality Check

As I’ve mentioned, I actually enjoy much of the formality and the sense of community that television provides us during a news cycle like the one were in; one totally fixated on the Reagan funeral.

But to what end do we offer up all of this hero worship? Once it goes beyond a certain point, the tributes become satires.

Reagan did some good things, had a personality we liked and was in some ways, fortunate that he had a guy like Gorby on the other side of the table. The lines of people waiting to be a part of the his tribute are indeed impressive and moving.

At the same time, we should look at some of the greatest problems facing the world today. In terms of war, it’s terrorism and we’re told, the state sponsorship of terror. In terms of health, it’s obviously the worldwide AIDS crisis.

Reagan was terrible on these issues. He was shortsighted and closeminded on AIDS. He supported Saddam. And he sent a terrible message (certainly far worse than anything Spanish officials have done) when we pulled our troops out of a Middle East hotspot after a terror attack.

He was obviously, among a large swath of citizens and politicians, a popular and well-regarded leader. But I still say to you Mr. Media Coverage, Tear Down this Facade.

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