. . . Wednesday June 16, 2004

President Paris

According to the producer of Simple Life folks were warm and friendly to Paris and Nicole during their southern road trip despite the sex tape and other scandals (or perhaps the warmth came because of these factors?): “I was amazed. I never heard anybody say anything negative to Paris or Nicole. It was almost like Paris and Nicole were running for president. There was such an outpouring of warmth.”

Nicole and Paris running for president? Not a bad idea. Maybe Nick and Jessica could take on Defense and the Treasury (after the last year, she is definitely qualified for the latter).

When you think about it, presidential candidates’ campaign roadtrips are not all that unlike Paris and Nicole’s adventures.

Presidential candidates (like the girls) long for photo-ops that feature them with their pets.

Candidates are often trying to shift the perceptions created by a scandal.

They are forced to go to places they’ve never been, pretend they’re of the people, and make small talk with folks with whom they have less than nothing in common.

People they’ve screwed become famous and usually make a few bucks.

They’re is almost always a substance abuse recovery story.

They’re constantly begging for money.

It’s now a proven fact: Dynasties make good television.

A lot of people think they’re all a bunch of idiots, but for some reason, we can’t stop watching.

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