. . . Monday June 14, 2004

One Nation Underwhelmed

After all of the column writing and the legal wrangling, the “Under God” Supreme Court case was dismissed on a technicality. The Court ruled (at least those on the court who weren’t adamant that the phrase was constitutional) that Michael Newdow did not have the legal standing to bring the case on behalf of his daughter because of a divorce and custody battle.

Because of the narrow ruling, the issue could be brought before the court again – which if nothing else, is good news for blog writers.

Proving that even those with the most power and lifetime tenures are afraid to get in the middle of a couple fighting, Justice Stevens wrote: “One of the principal areas in which this court has customarily declined to intervene is the realm of domestic relations.”

That’s just one of the more obvious reasons that The OC does better ratings than The SC.

Whether you’re talking about massive church and state issues or historical decisions from the nation’s highest court, the lesson here is that you probably don’t want to mess with California divorce laws.

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