. . . Wednesday June 23, 2004

Meet the Parent

Earlier this year, more than a dozen lawmakers attended a reception to honor the Rev Sun Myung Moon. Some of those lawmakers actually participated in the “service” while others say that they were duped into attending (and apparently also duped into not just getting up and leaving).

During the ceremony, a crown was placed on the wasted head of one of America’s most reknown pieces of garbage as he described himself as “humanity’s Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent.”

As a side note, it should be mentioned that the lawmakers who attended (and remained at) this event honoring this cult leader who once described homosexuals as “dirty dung-eating dogs,” are also among those who are now creating new, harsh and ridiculous indecency laws in an effort to silence Howard Stern and hide Janet Jackson’s right knocker. (Oh, and you can find those new indecency rules in a defense bill…?)

It should also be mentioned that there are a whole host of journalists and editors who look to the Rev for their weekly checks as part of their gig running the Washington Times. Think that sounds cool? Think it’s OK that a group of lawmakers attended an event honoring this cult freak?

Oh, and the leader of the Moonies also happens to be one of the world’s greatest proponents of the merging of church and state. He once explained that: “The separation between religion and politics is what Satan likes most.”

If that sounds pretty stupid coming from someone whose religion you think is insane, then it sounds pretty stupid, period.

Calling Lenny Bruce. Calling Lenny Bruce. Your services are required once again.

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