. . . Wednesday June 9, 2004

The Magic of Fox

It really has been a remarkable achievement by the folks at Fox. Somehow, in the last several years, more and more Americans (especially Republicans) have become convinced that the media is made up of a bunch of liberals who can’t be trusted. This trend has taken place during an era when unabashedly conservative media has reached its modern peak (take a look at the Fox News numbers). Everyone is watching Fox as they spew the right wing critique of the so-called left wing media that no Republicans are watching anymore anyway.

This is the equivalent of Coca Cola relentlessly criticizing the soft drink industry.

If the numbers trends continue, we may someday hear Bill O’Reilly complain about the distorted coverage CNN would be serving up if only they were still in business, the unemployed liberal bastards.

Meanwhile, how has the evil liberal press responded. Well, this week they are relentlessly celebrating the edited achievements of a conservative hero as they welcome a constant stream of Republicans to their airwaves.

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