. . . Tuesday June 8, 2004

A Law Enforcement Issue?

One of the major inaccuracies often lobbed in the direction of John Kerry is that he and the Dems think of the war on terror as a law enforcement issue as opposed to a war. But I’ve been wondering aloud (which is one of the freedoms afforded by not running for any office) whether, beyond the rhetoric, the war on terror – beyond Afghanistan – isn’t in large part a law enforcement challenge.

Look at a couple of recent events. In the last several hours, Italian and Belgian “police” have arrested 17 people (including, they think, the mastermind) connected with the Madrid bombing. Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, an unidentified gunman killed an American contractor. Is it terror? Sounds like it. Is it a job for law enforcement or the military?

Isn’t the war on terror, at this point, primarily an international law enforcement issue?

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