. . . Thursday June 24, 2004

F***ing Big Time

According to several accounts, Veep Cheney dropped a big time F bomb on Pat Leahy during a Senate photo day.

Too bad it wasn’t caught on the radio or else the Veep could’ve been fined to the tune of about $3 million.

It’s not quite clear whether Cheney said “Fuck off!” or “Go fuck yourself.” The exact words are of interest because I believe that following the former advice would still be legal in a post Bush amendment world, while the latter would clearly be frowned upon (which is one of the main reasons why Hannity so desperately needs Colmes).

Shockingly, none of the other Senators greeted Cheney as a liberator.

I don’t mind that the swear words were used or that some false Senatorial decorum was soiled. It just amuses me that even at the highest echelons of power and wealth, some people will do just about anything to get mentioned on Wonkette

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