. . . Wednesday June 9, 2004

The Excrement Hits the Fan

Clear Channel is set to pay off a record fine from the FCC for remarks made on the radio by Howard Stern and others. What can a guy say that’s worth a fine of nearly $2 million? This is totally insane.

Among the issues being addressed is an FCC regulation that bans radio broadcasters from making references to sexual and excretory functions during times when children might be tuning in.

They’re worried about kids hearing references to excretory functions? They may have to start fining other kids. Aside from ice cream and my johnson, that’s the only thing I talked about until I was old enough to focus my attention on the FCC’s selective attack on the freedom of speech.

This witch-hunt should be getting a lot more attention.

And why do you think we’re not hearing an outpouring of support for Howard’s rights from celebrities and rockstars who have been pimping their wares on his show for years? That’s simple. You can thank the concentration of media. Do you really think we’re going to see a gang of popstars speaking out against Clear Channel?

They’d be more likely to protest oxygen.

Concentration is important!