. . . Wednesday June 2, 2004

The Cookie Crumbles

If nothing else, the Bush administration has been marked by loyalty. Very few cabinet officials have even hinted at leaving and Bush himself has resisted calls to oust some of his top team members.

But is all that about to change? Why, after 25 years of making pastries and pies, building gingerbread houses, and serving up cookies and ice cream is White House pastry chef Roland Mesnier stepping down this close to an election?

Why has the master of the meringue refused to stick around through November?

Is the timing related to a Veep office decision to give Halliburton a no-bid contract on the sales of all fuel used in Mesnier’s famous Baked Alaska? Was it the relentless rumor that Colin Powell always gets stuck with the last spoonful of warm apple and mango winter pudding? Perhaps it was the talking-to that Mesnier received after daring to borrow a cup of sugar from the French.

Or maybe it was that pretzel the President choked on awhile back. No one mentions it publicly, but the word is that it was store bought.

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