. . . Wednesday June 16, 2004

Carbo Lying

Look. I am a habitual carbo-loader. I am a two boxer when it comes to pasta. I am a whole loafer when it comes to peanut-butter and pickle sandwiches. I eat cereal with a ladle.

But I’m willing to admit that cutting back on carbs and calories can be an efficient way to drop a few pounds.

But does anyone really believe that the reason we have seen our fat nation become even more incredibly fat during the last decade is because of orange juice or other fruits?

Sales of OJ have suffered a dramatic drop in recent years. Why? The South Beach diet and other carb cutting cults.

Too much soda? Junk food? Giant portions? Weirdly processed fats? A couched lifestyle? OK, I’ll buy all of that. But there’s just no way oranges and bananas are doing us in.

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