. . . Friday June 4, 2004

Capitalistic Pig

Republicans are pushing a web-based game called Kerryopoly and trying to discredit the Senator for being really rich. From RNC spokesman Jim Dyke: “Most Americans can’t afford yachts, private planes, thousand dollar haircuts or homes in Nantucket.”

This, it could be argued, is a clear sign of desperation. What, are they now going to compare Kerry’s lifestyle to growing up on the mean streets of Kennebunkport and only being able to afford a very mediocre professional sports team? Or perhaps they will contrast the Kerry fortune with Dick Cheney’s past salary numbers that are usually reserved for those who can hit at least forty homeruns a year (or guarantee some really lucrative government contracts).

Even if key members of the administration weren’t loaded, Kerryopoly would be a joke. This is a America. You’re supposed to try to get rich, famous and powerful.

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