. . . Monday June 21, 2004

Calling on Little Russ

I recently attended an event where Tim Russert was being interviewed. In defense of his interviewing style, he explained that if one looks back over a series of his MTP interviews with top officials such as Veep Cheney, one would see that he was able to pull out a series of statements that have proven to be incredibly controversial (and which might help to explain why Cheney and others haven’t been doing the Sundays with Tim thing of late).

So here’s my take. Why not put together and hour or two of the most interesting interviews from the months leading up to the war (including the certain claims of WMDs, nukes and the ties between Atta and Iraq). I’m not suggesting that Russert turn his show into a sporting event like some of his cable competitors. Just play the interviews. Why should recent American history dissolve into nothingness (my loose definition of anything not on TV)?

Here are a couple of the Cheney transcripts:

March 16, 2003

Sept 14, 2003

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