. . . Tuesday June 8, 2004

Age (Fired) Before Beauty

Louie DePalma and the Age of Unreason

After being bumped off of the show ER Alex Kingston suggested that she was being released because of her age.

It certainly wouldn’t mark the first time that producers sided with youth when it come to casting. While that strategy may prove to be increasingly effective when it comes to beer ads, I wonder if anyone has run any numbers on what viewers are really attracted to over the long term.

Look at The Sopranos. They certainly didn’t error on the side of beauty and youth. Yet, it seems like a pretty popular show, no?

Of course there are shows that depend on beauty and youth as the core of what they are. You couldn’t imagine James Gandolfini having a naked romp on The O.C.. But when it comes to dramas like E.R. (and certainly when it comes to sitcoms), I really don’t think that beauty or youth matter all that much.

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