. . . Monday May 17, 2004

Weekend Ending

Jimmy Fallon surprised many outside of the upper echelons of NBC when at the end of Saturday night’s Weekend Update, he announced that this would be his last season at SNL.

Fallon seemed to improve during his years on the show and he clearly developed into one of SNL’s go-to guys – performing skits, singing, inventing characters and holding down the news hotseat with Tina Fey.

In fact, the SNL format seems perfectly suited for Fallon’s skillset. The same could be said of Dana Carvey. Will Fallon’s career go the same way as Carvey’s?

Saturday Night Live is often viewed as a stepping stone to another career in movies or television. But sometimes, perhaps, it should be viewed as an ends unto itself. Other formats may actually limit Fallon.

My wife insists that my argument is missing a key point. A lot of girls think Jimmy Fallon is cute (although she’s more of a James Gandolfini fan herself … thankfully). Dana didn’t really have that one going for him.

Fallon could be the next Will Farrell and take his career to the next level. But sometimes free-form skit comedy is the right place for the right talent. We’ll see.

Any predictions?

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