. . . Thursday May 6, 2004

Underage Voters

Hey, if people who watch Fox News can vote…

A group of teenagers went to Sacramento and successfully moved forward a bill that would give teens the right to vote in California.

I still think the most troubling factor here is that parents would actually let their young children spend time with politicians. Sick.

The plan (still a long way from being adopted) calls for each teen vote to get partial credit in an overall count. Ballots filled out by 16-17 year-olds would be worth half a vote while 14-15 year-olds would get credit for a quarter of a vote (sort of like old and/or black people in Florida).

What kinds of changes would we see in California if this proposed bill became law?

New School Calendar: Sept to October, that’s it.

Medicinal Marijuana Approved: And acne counts as one of the qualifying medical conditions (and ecstasy counts as marijuana).

Drinking Age: 14-15 year olds can pound a quarter of a bottle of Jack. 16-17 year olds can gulp down a half a bottle.

Governor’s Office: Arnold, Out. Nelly, In.

Maxim Magazine can be used for book reports.

New Role for State Bureaucrats: Napsack Caddies

Allowance, tax write-off.

No Shoes, No Shirts … No Condoms.

Concentration is important!