. . . Wednesday May 19, 2004

Too Smart

The perception of Bush as dumb has possibly been overplayed in recent years. Is his real problem that he thinks he’s smart enough to have all the answers?

Bush “has prided himself on a decisive management style, but the unfolding Iraqi prisoner-abuse scandal has raised questions about whether he relies too much on like-minded advisers, too readily equates dissent with disloyalty, and is too averse to admitting mistakes.

“There is little debate at cabinet meetings or other private councils, which mainly serve as forums that let Mr. Bush restate his goals and hear each official’s report, according to past participants. Leaks and public disagreements aren’t tolerated. His circle of advisers is small, and he isn’t a ‘walk around’ manager who tries to canvass opinions from a variety of officials.”

And that’s a take from The Wall Street Journal.

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