. . . Wednesday May 5, 2004

The Spinning Out of Control Zone

Bill O’Reilly on the pictures from an Iraqi prison:”Now what would you do if you were running CBS News? No question it’s a big story. And you have exclusive shocking pictures. But you know your country will be hurt when those pictures get out. You also know somebody else will most likely get the story and the pictures. So what would you do? I would run the story but not the pictures. I’d describe them using vivid words. But I could not put my fellow countrymen, I should say, in even more danger than they are now by running the photographs. I’m not condemning CBS News. I’m just telling you what I’d do. It’s true the people abroad who hate us would hate us with or without the story. The foreign press has been generally disgraceful on its coverage of America … The end zone here is that the American media have to be very careful about what we give our enemies.”


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