. . . Monday May 24, 2004

Spin Class

What gives with all this bicycle riding? First we heard several stories and saw several pictures of Kerry riding his bike. Then Bush rode his bike (wearing a helmet and a mouthguard, which sort of creates a slightly different cowboy image – the phrase bring it on doesn’t sound quite as intimidating through a mouthguard) and promptly fell off. Drudge then broke the massive story (quickly picked up by the journalistic brainiacs over at the Washington Times) that Kerry may have made a “did he take the training wheels off?” joke at the President’s expense (in fairness to Kerry, I heard he was actually referring the Bush foreign policy).

The White House indicated that the President’s fall was due to muddy conditions caused by recent rain. One problem, it hasn’t been been raining in Crawford. (Maybe members of the liberal media were wreaking havoc with the sprinkler system).

What I don’t understand is, why bicycles? During this period of the campaign, every move is well planned. So what message are the candidates’ handlers trying to send by releasing pictures of their man riding his bike? Is the angle fuel efficiency? Powerful quads as a means to healing the nation’s economy? This election is turning into the battle of the perineums.

It’s dangerous business. Bush now knows that. But a fall here and there is hardly as bad as things could get. The can of worms is now open. Tomorrow, Dennis Kucinich could decide to pull out of his driveway on a unicycle and absolutely blow this thing wide open.

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