. . . Wednesday May 26, 2004

So What’s the Story

Here are two interesting examples of stories where it’s hard to find the actual strory, although the topic areas are of interest and both could be perceived as politically loaded and timed.

First, there was yesterday’s report that Al Qaeda has grown to 18,000 members and that the Iraq war has led to an increase in recruitment. Last night, I saw an interview with the U.S. head of London’s International Institute for Strategic Studies (the group behind the report). You want to know how they came up with the number 18,000? Well, over the years there have been reports that as many as 20,000 people went through bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan. And there have since been reports of 2,000 Al Qaeda members killed or captured in Afghanistan, etc. So that leaves you with 18,000.

Sound like a front page study to you?

And today everyone is leading with the very disturbing warning about planned summer attacks by Al Qaeda.

But according to Tom Ridge, the terror threat level is not going to be raised and he also explained: “I can confirm that we have seen for the past several weeks a continuous stream of reporting that talks about the possibility of attacks on the United States. [But it's] not unlike what we’ve seen for the past several years.”


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