. . . Friday May 7, 2004

Rummy on the Hotseat

Donald Rumsfeld appeared in front of The Senate Armed Services Committee where he apologized and took responsibility for the Iraqi prison abuses: Calling the treatment of the prisoners “fundamentally un-America”, Rummy told the Senate panel, “I take full responsibility … I offer my deepest apology … I feel terrible about what happened to these Iraqi detainees … They’re human beings.”

Does the buck stop with Rummy? “Let me be clear. I failed to recognize how important it was to elevate a matter of such gravity to the highest levels, including the president and the members of Congress.”

Nothing will help someone recognize the need to elevate a matter of a gravity like a few snapshots made public. Come on. People have been raising red flags about this for months.

See Rumsfeld’s opening statement.

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