. . . Tuesday May 4, 2004

Pot Calling the Kettle High

You know that saying, “You must be high?” Well, it turns out to be off the mark in most cases. According to a recent study, while the use of marijuana is up a bit, only about 1.5% of adults say they smoke pot.

Of course, it could be that people just aren’t telling the truth on this question. Look at some of the other results from the survey.

- 30% of adults admit to getting the munchies

- 10% can’t turn channel when Iron Chef comes on

- 7% will ask, five minutes before the end of an hour show, “Hey, did we see this one before?”

- 27% have burst into tears at a Krispy Kreme

- 4% occasionally refer to beers as Fogcutters

- 20% have had several conversations comparing John Belushi to Jack Black

- 8% have written satires of marijuana studies

- 16% admit to having – on at least one occasion – fantasized about melted cheese while having sex

- 19% think their cats give a shit

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