. . . Monday May 3, 2004

It’s Sucks. And Here’s Some More.

First, a confession. I am sick. I am an NFL addict. Even when I’m not betting I’m watching. I am the NFL target market. And yet I can barely stomach a quarter of preseason NFL football when fans are asked to watch what are essentially practices (for which season ticket-holders must pay full price).

Everyone pretty much hates preseason. So I can’t think of one person (outside of the NFL offices) who will care that all of the exhibition games will be shown on national TV this season.

And read the fine print. Some of the games will be tape delayed. If someone you love feels compelled to watch a tape delayed version of a preseason game, get him straight jacketed and thrown into the back of van to be taken to a place for people who can no longer be trusted to manage their own lives.

(I’ll meet you there…)

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