. . . Sunday May 30, 2004

The Gunfighter

One presumes that special visitors who are connected enough can hear the whistling theme song to Clint Eastwood’s best spaghetti westerns as President Bush shows off one of his prize possessions: The unloaded gun that Saddam was holding when he was escorted out of his spider hole.

One visitor explained: “He really liked showing it off. He was really proud of it.”

For those hoping to get a less formal glimpse of the President’s piece, I hear that it is pretty easy to find. Just go past the horse trough, take a left at the general store, burst through the saloon doors, and you’ll see it mounted right above the spittoon.

One assumes that W also has other such mementoes of his accomplishments such as a lifelike replica of what was once America’s moral and intellectual leadership in the world, stuffed and mounted copies of the bill of rights and the separation of church and state, a shredded copy of Strunk and White, and of course an etched-in-stone display of the axis of evil – intellectuality, multilateralism, and Bill Clinton getting a hummer.

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