. . . Thursday May 13, 2004

The Franchise

Forget Orwellian. This is the Orbachian Age.

In the history of television, there has never been anything quite like the Law & Order franchise.

Dick Wolf just signed a monster deal to keep the shows on NBC through 2008.

This Fall, there will be a new addition to the franchise: Law & Order: Trial by Jury. This show will star Jerry Orbach.

All three existing L and O shows are among the 25 most watched shows and the original flagship has actually seen its ratings improve in the last few years (well after its first decade on the air).

Next year, twenty percent of NBC’s primetime schedule will feature one of the Law & Order shows. (And that may increase once the disappearance of Matt LeBlanc’s new show Joey becomes just another unsolved case on SVU).

You’re probably missing at least one Law & Order rerun right now. (But don’t worry, it’ll be on again).

More than 90% of Americans have a Pavlovian need to try to sing along with the now classic L&O two beats. (89% miss everytime, 1% didn’t respond to that part of the question.)

Concentration is important!