. . . Wednesday May 5, 2004

Flipping Off the FCC

Oxygen Network’s CEO and founder Geraldine Laybourne blasted the FCC’s new indecency rules: “I don’t think we should use the word indecency; we should call it what it is: censorship.” Amen sister.

In other FCC-related news, CBS has suggested that it’s news affiliates may have to stop live broadcasts that start before 10pm.

In still other FCC-related news, here is another comment about the Howard Stern flap: “I think Howard Stern is what he is. Everyone knows what Howard is like. They listen to his show and then they’ve made a decision that they enjoy his kind of humor. I think the F.C.C. or regulatory agencies have better things to look at than that. And I think it does get very close to inhibiting free speech.” Who said it? Mayor Rudy.

It all leaves us with a still pressing question: Where the hell is everyone else on this issue? (Or as Howard Stern might phrase it: Do you do anal?)

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