. . . Sunday May 2, 2004

Did Someone Mention Blogs

From Matt Haughey’s Ten Years of My Life blog: “Imagine my surprise when I got my Oregon state primary voter guide today (we are one of the last states to vote) and in the Democratic Party list of things to do, it says ‘Organize a web ‘blog’ for your precinct.’ Now, I knew that weblogs were something special and would eventually get big, but I never envisioned that in 2004 a document would be mailed to every home in Oregon that mentioned them.”

It’s funny, but when I think of the true power of the web and what I love most about it, I don’t think of the economic boom (and I invest in start-ups), I don’t think of much hyped parties and madness of the late nineties. I don’t think about ecommerce or B2B plays. I think of sites like Matt’s Ten Years of My Life.

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