. . . Wednesday May 19, 2004

Colin’s Cherry Tree

Over the past several days, Colin Powell has been out trying to convince allies (and Americans) that the scenes at Abu graib were isolated incidents. It makes sense that Powell would be sent on this mission. He is always the guy (with his status as the most trusted person in the administration) they send in when doubts are rising about a certain policy.

I still remember when word first dropped that Powell would be given the Sec of State post in W’s administration. In general, I felt relieved that we’d have a good guy in a high position. As a Democrat, I thought, oh no, that’s a good move by the Bush team.

But at this point, when Powell goes out and tries to convince people that we are (as he said to a group of graduates last week) “Doing the right thing,” do people still believe him? Could this administration’s most unlikely legacy be the discrediting of Colin Powell.

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