. . . Tuesday May 18, 2004

Carpool Lane

On Tuesday, John Kerry blasted President Bush for failing to do more to address gas prices as the average price per gallon in the U.S. now tops two bucks. Kerry also criticized W for leaving streaks on his windshield.

The gas issue could be another tricky one for W. If the prices stay relatively high through November, he looks like he’s doing nothing and the perception of the economy could worsen. But if gas prices drop in the month before the election, Bush risks confirming the perception that he has struck backroom, election-related deals with the Saudis.

My friend Mike is convinced that the name of the program No Child Left Behind is really a thinly veiled anti-abortion message (and a plug for the Left Behind book series) being sent to evangelicals and others on the far right. If these gas prices get any higher, it might become the new name of a national carpool list.

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