. . . Tuesday May 11, 2004

Battlefield Olsen

Maybe it’s something about movies aimed at young girls. The Lizzie MCGuire Movie took in $17.3 million in its opening weekend last summer. Big, but not massive. What a Girl Wants settled for an $11.3 million first weekend. And now the biggest flop of the bunch is turning out to be the Olsen Twins New York Minute. Last weekend, the movie took in only $6 million. It made far less per theater than the twins first movie that came out back in 1995. In fact, New York Minute is well on its way towards replacing Battlefield Earth as the lowest grossing movie ever to play at over 3,000 theaters.

I actually saw the movie opening night with my niece. She seemed to like it. And I though for what it was, it seemed fine. It certainly wasn’t terrible.

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