. . . Thursday April 8, 2004

Yanking Howard

Clear Channel made permanent the yanking of Howard Stern’s show from six of the radio stations after facing the threat of a fine of up to $495,000 from the FCC. That’s $27,500 for each of 18 violations. Great precedent set by Clear Channel. The FCC unexplainedly gets in huff about content that Stern’s been spewing for years, and CC folds like a deck of up-the-sleeve cards. This is clearly a concerted effort. Just listen to John Hogan, CEO of Clear Channel: “[Stern's show] has created a great liability for us and other broadcasters who air it.” Yeah, right. A big liability. Anyone want to pass along those income statements?

Are you still sure that having much of media all owned by a handful of companies is no big deal?

(More on this including the show transcript)

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